Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Where Bone Be At, Y'all?!?

This Is Me
Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons Photo by Philip Howard
Whoa, where've I been???

You know, it's kind of a funny story.  I'd like to tell it, but I'd just waste a lot of time.  The summer months have been harsh, and I've been trying desperately to keep up with everything all around me, including a busted bathroom pipe from the third to the second floor.  To a hot-water heater that seems to be going south, to my family in super-saver mode for our Disney vacation this September.

That's right!  We're finally biting the bullet, and going to Orlando.  That is, as long as our house doesn't suck away all of our money.  I've been hanging drywall, talking to the plumber, laying tiles and trying to draw and write when I can.  Let me show you what I've done.

I wrote a number of great articles on Squidoo.  Each as diverse as the last.

Hot Summer Beach
The first article I wrote was an homage to the summer months.  It's a lesson in How To Draw a Hot Hot Summer Scene.  Check it out, to see how to draw a beach babe and hunk, on a sandy beach.  Aaaaah, I can her the crashing of the waves.

The second was an exhilarating romp to review the fast paced action anime Attack on Titan.  You know the one I'm talking about.  Everyone is talking about it.  Eren, Mikasa and the other one.  You know.  Anyway, check out Fight To Live On Attack On Titan.

But my biggest one of late is a pre-Halloween extravaganza, in which I give a detailed explanation on how to create your very own sparkle skull Halloween decorations.  There's a ton of designs.  You get to draw them, glue them, sparkle them and hang them.  Go on, and find out how to Create Your Own Sparkle Skull Decoration.

Blue Skeleton Rising For Holiday
Along with that, I have a new skeleton drawing of my own, that I've submitted to my Zazzle store, so that all who would like to check it out, can take a look, and purchase it if they so please.  It's called Skeleton Rising For Holidays.  Please check it out, and let me know what you think.

Many people who know me, know that one of my big goals is to one day create a comic or an animation of a story idea that I have.  Well, I may be just one step closer to that dream.  You see, I've stumbled upon a site that hosts webcomics, Smack Jeeves.

Smack Jeeves offers its authors the ability to submit pages of their comics at will, and in some cases, they offer the ability to print them into booklets.  Some might call these comic books.  Eeeek, I can't wait.  I am steadily trying to get my comic together to begin submitting pages.  I am very excited, although I am working very slowly, because I'm old.  So, hold onto your shorts.  Not literally, because you'll be holding on for a while.

Armored Rifle Girl
Here's someone who went the comic route on his own.  Caroline Toons is going X-Rated all on his or her own.  I can't quite can a handle on this site, or who owns it.  There's no details on that, but I really like the art, and the aesthetic.  It looks great, so I thought I'd promote it.

And finally, for Roku users, and other people fed up with paying for overpriced cable, here's a site to help you find the movies you want for free.  Where to Watch will help you get your TV fix, and more, from movies to TV shows.  It'll show you where to look and how to find it.

Anyway, that's all for now.  Thanks for stopping by!