Thursday, January 2, 2014

Bring in 2014 With Anime and Indie Films Online

Trigun -- Vash the Stampede
Vash the Stampede
Flickr Creative Commons Photo by *Yu7yU*
Welcome to 2014, yo!  I'm rocketing through the air as we speak in my auto driven flying car, ordering up some stuff on Amazon with my wi-fi connected brain, and just hoping your having as much fun in this futuristic utopian world, as I am.  Oh wait, none of those things have happened, yet.  I'm sitting in front of my slow antiquated computer, typing with my over-used fingers, and wishing you a wonderful New Year.

Anime Reviews

Anyway, Toonami finished up its month of movies with the amazing Trigun: Badlands Rumble.  Over at Squidoo, I wrote a review, so go on ahead and check out Old West Has Nothing On Badlands Rumble.  Starting next week, Toonami will have their regular schedule of shows, including the all new Space Dandy.  The new schedule begins at  Saturday, January 4, 2014 at 11:30PM, and you can check it out on Toonami's website.

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Indie Films Online

The indie film industry online is booming.  It seems that more and more great films are coming alive all the time.  I've previously noted the existence of Black Flag TV, which is an independent TV station, broadcasting horror movies online.  Now, I've come a cross a couple more, of note.

Porcelain Presence is a wild indie film studio working on an intense and suspenseful film concerning a porcelain doll in an average British neighborhood.  It appears things get out of hand, but things are not always what they seem.  If you like, check out the trailer for the movie on YouTube.  It'll send a chill down your back.

ZOMB! the Movie is an independent zombie flick.  It sounds pretty interesting concerning a tongue-in-cheek health awareness documentary on the threat of the zombie virus.  It's a crowd funded film, and you can get more details on that on the website if you'd like to help support the film.  They're offering some perks for any assistance.

Anime Streaming

I've come across a couple of sites that are great for streaming anime, if you're interested.  Go ahead and check them both out.

  • Really good stream, and a great selection--all at no cost, just a sign up.
  • The selection here isn't as great, but the stream is excellent for no cost.  However, there is a premium membership that, I assume, will give you access to more.

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