Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Books, Games and Movies OH My--Some Reviews

So, it's been a while since I've posted anything, but it's not like I haven't been busy.

My latest, which is a montage of a Dog Southern Rock band, I call Sky Dog is finally complete, and ready for viewing pleasure up at my DeviantArt gallery.  You can find that all here: http://boneworld.deviantart.com/.  I had a great time creating it, so I hope everyone enjoys.

I've also been busy with a number of reviews over at Squidoo.  You can find all of those here:

Book Review: Figure It Out! By Christopher Hart
This is a review of a Christopher Hart book that, so far, has been the most influential to my own drawing.  Hart takes you step-by-step through building the face, body and figure from stick figures, all the way to giving them depth.  I always keep this book handy.

Streamline Your Comic Book Art
This is a book review of a Comic Book Art How-To book by Christopher Hart, who's made a living releasing book after book on drawing, and illustrations.  This book in particular takes a crack at the streamlined looks of today's comics, and it was inspirational in my journey towards learning to draw.

Buckle-Up For the Redline Review
This is a Review of the Anime movie Redline, an exhilarating racing anime, which take the viewer on a wild ride from Yellow Line to Red Line, and beyond.  There's jaw dropping action and some not so surprising plot twists.  But it's the color and action that keep this movie moving.

The Original Fallout, Not for the Meek
It's a look back in time at the original Fallout game, that was released by Black Isles Studio back in 1997 that started it all.  It's really a story of not just the game, but my friends, and I playing, and how much things have changed since then, but how, "War, war never changes..."

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