Saturday, February 8, 2014

Got Me a Roku!!!

After a good bit of thought, I've finally decided to ditch cable and go for the Roku.  WHAT?!? You've never heard of a Roku?  Well let me tell you a little about it.

A Roku is a magical device that hooks to your TV, that allows you to stream shows over the internet directory to your screen.  You can use the AV cable that comes with it, or buy a HDMI cable, and watch in HD.  These things are great.

Anyway, the Roku offers a number of applications, some free and some not, to stream TV and movies using your existing internet connection.  So, I decided to drop my inflated cable bill, and go with Netflix and Hulu.  I'll probably drop one of them eventually, as I figure out what we like better, but for now, they're only $7.99 each, so it's not such a big thing, just yet.

Roku Channels Screen
Roku Channels Screen
On top of these channels, there are a number of other channels that are free, like US TV Now, Crackle and Nowhere TV.  There's also CNN, ABC, NBC and other networks that offer free streaming on the Roku.  To find more, check out the following links:

2014 Roku Private Channels List on mkvXstream Blog
Roku Private Channels on I Love Roku TV
Roku Private Channels on

Or, you can read my review on Squidoo, called Cut the Cable, Go With Roku.

How To Draw a Woman's Face
How To Draw a Woman's Face
On top of all that, I also updated a couple of step-by-step drawing lessons I wrote on Squidoo, called How To Draw a Man's Face In 9-Steps and How To Draw a Woman's Face In 9-Steps.  I've updated all of the images, using ones that I lined out in Inkscape, rather than sloppy pencil drawn images.  Click the links to check them out.

You can also find the final images in much larger resolution on Boneworld's DeviantArt Gallery.  I'd love to hear what you might think in the comments section.

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