Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Fastlane To Wrestlemania

Seth Rollins
Seth Rollins
Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons License by Anton
So, prior to this past  Sunday's WWE Fastlane Pay-Per-View event, I made some predictions on how I saw things going down.  Not just the winners and losers, but the extracurriculars that typically go along with wrestling, as well.  By that, I mean, the fun stuff.

I'd say I did pretty good, this time.  I batted around five-hundred.  Let's take a look.

Dolff Ziggler, Ryback, Erick Rowen vs The Authority

I picked the good guys, and specifically, I expected Ziggler to be the one to pin, Rollins.

I couldn't have been more wrong, here.

Seth Rollins curb-stomped them all over again.  It was basically a rehash of the previous Smackdown, except for one thing.  Randy Orton, The Apex Predator, showed up to take out The Authority, and run them out.

I'm not real sure where this is going, yet.  But I do love the Apex Predator.

Goldust vs Stardust

I picked Stardust


Goldust technically won the match, however, Stardust got the last laugh back stage, by demolishing Goldie, and telling off his dad.  The makeup smeared, but didn't come off.  This rivalry will continue for a while, to no ones enjoyment.

The Usos vs Tyson Kidd and Cesaro

I picked the Usos


I gotta tell ya, I was stunned to see the Usos lose their belts to Tyson Kidd and Cesaro.  This one blew me away.  The Usos are the most polarizing tag-team in the WWE, and they just lost their belts to two of the least interesting players in the tag-team division.  That's lame, but whatever.  A rivalry is born.

Triple H vs Sting

I picked Sting

I guess in a way, I was correct, although they didn't have an actual match.  The two tried to get the drop on one-another, and Sting got the better of Triple H.  He even had Triple H corned with a baseball bat, and motioned towards the Wrestlemania sign, indicating that they should meet again, there.  Triple H agreed.

Then Sting dropped Triple H on his head, knocking him unconscious.  I'm going with Sting won, sort of.

The Bella Twins
The Bella Twins
Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons License by Give Me Gimmicks
Nikki Bella vs Paige

I picked Nikki

Fairly Correct

Nikki did win, and retained her title, but I also predicted that she'd need to cheat to beat Paige.  But it looked to me like she pinned her fair and square.

Afterwards, Paige protested, saying Nikki grabbed her belt or butt, or something, but in wrestling, that's hardly cheating.

Dean Ambrose
Dean Ambrose
Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons License by Anton
Bad News Barrett vs Dean Ambrose

I picked Bad News Barrett, but I also picked Ambrose to get disqualified by being way too crazy, after beating the hell out of Barrett.


Ambrose did beat the hell out of Barrett, before Barrett tried to literally grab his belt and completely escape the arena from any exit he could find.  Ambrose beat him and beat him and yelled and taunted the Intercontinental Champion, until he finally cornered the staggering Brit against the turn-buckle.

Then he bashed Barrett with kicks and punches, as the referee warned him to stop.  Ambrose wouldn't, and was eventually disqualified.

But then, here's the part I didn't see.  Ambrose grabbed the Intercontinental Belt, and took off with it, even though he lost.


Bray Wyatt
Bray Wyatt
Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons License by Anton
Bray Wyatt and The Undertaker

I predicted Bray Wyatt going after the creepyest spot on the WWE roster, and he did indeed.

The Undertaker's music began to play, a number of torch bearers walked out in a line, and then a coffin was slowly wheeled out to the ring.

Out popped Bray Wyatt, and he called out the Undertaker for Wrestlemania.  So, there you go.

Guess what Bray Wyatt?  After the Undertaker, watch out for Finn Balor.

Rusev vs John Cena

I picked Rusev, with some outside assistance


For the most part, I got this one correct.  Cena and Rusev beat the hell out  of each other, each man having a legitimate chance of winning, until Lana, Rusev's lady friend, or whatever, stepped into the ring, to distract the referee, and Rusev gave Cena a shot in the stones.

Winner Rusev, but by less than legitimate means.

Daniel Bryan vs Roman Reigns

I picked NO ONE, filled with The Authority interference.

I was dead wrong

It was a slugfest, and the battle was awesome.  Both men had a chance to win, but Reigns pinned Bryan fair and square, securing his spot at Wrestlemania.

Good for you Roman Reigns.

Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons License by Ed Webster

I also predicted the return of Sheamus.  I didn't happen.  Instead, Randy Orton came back.

When will the Celtic Warrior be returning?  I can't believe we'll have to wait until Wrestlemania.

Closing Notes:

All in all, I thought this was gang-busters.  On my predictions, I went 5-for-5, and it was miles above last months Royal Rumble.  The Daniel Bryan vs Roman Reigns was epic, Randy Orton returned with vigor, Bray Wyatt offered his own little crazy, and Dean Ambrose, well, you know.

I wish the Divas got a little more time.  And I was disappointed that the Usos lost the belts.  But most importantly, why does a Goldust vs Stardust match even need to happen?

But I don't want to gripe over the little things.  I thought this was a great event.  Good job WWE.  I thought they did this one right.

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