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Come Get Some Queen's Blade

Melona From Queen's Blade Fanart
Melona From Queen's Blade Fanart
by Jackson Thom
It's not ecchi if they don't show the bods, and Queen's Blade brings it in spades.  Queen's Blade is the royal standard as far as ecchi anime's go.

The story revolves around a Queen's Blade tournament that occurs, oh, I have no idea how often.  I suppose about often enough for this tournament to make sense, which is fine.  Anyway, any busty beauty with a weapon can enter, and it involves them getting a call from some ominous force, and reporting to the one-on-one battle, to have it out with an equally busty beauty.

No one dies, and there's no real consequences of losing, other than that they're out of the tournament.  But there's no reason for them to not give it their all, including every shred of clothing.  The final prize is a battle with the queen of the land, and the chance to become the next queen.

The story revolves around the main character, Reina, a busty blonde, who's lived a sheltered life cooped up in a castle, while her eldest sister has become one of the world's greatest warriors, and her closest sister has become a lusty lesbian, who desires her body.

During a robbery of the castle, Reina is taken by the burglar, and she decides it's time for her to start learning to defend herself, so she enters the Queen's Blade tournament.  She bonds with her captor, as well as another woman who wears a snake instead of panties, and they go on to train her for the tournament.

Echidna On Reina From Queen's Blade Fanart
by Jackson Thom
There are all manor of hot chicks in this one.  Like I said above, there's an assassin girl, who doesn't where much clothing, but she has a pet snake that she wears as her bottoms, instead of anything.  There are perfectly angled shots of her releasing her snake upon her prey, so that you only get a glimpse of her back-side, while not actually seeing anything too revealing.

There's also some kind of demon girl, who wears a see through pink night-gown, and her hair looks like two hands that dangle down, and keep her breasts in place.  They frequently come loose, however, revealing her nipples.

There's a holy woman, who attacks her enemies with her holy poses, which are just erotic poses revolving around spreading her legs or sticking out her breasts.

There's one woman who carries a sentient staff for her power, that has tentacles that will now and again force there way into her mouth and ejaculate some fluid into her, for strength.  Ya know, that old chestnut!

Then there's Reina's sister, who never quite comes clean about her lesbianism, but always lusts after her, and finds ways to be in the bath with Reina.

I won't ruin it all for you, but there are several other great women, and each of them better than the last.  There's probable one or two total males in the entire series.  It's female centric, and it does benefit from this.

The actual story is kind of mindless, and it doesn't really matter anyway.  The Queen's Blade tournament is just an excuse to put the women into precarious positions on top of one another rolling around, while shredding their clothing, and breaking their armor, to expose more skin.

There have been two seasons of Queen's Blade that I've seen.  They've both been dubbed, and are uncensored.  There is a second series, called Queen's Blade: Rebellion, which has been released as only a subtitled version, and it is severely censored.  I haven't seen this one.

To learn a little more about Queen's Blade, or its adaptation from the manga, check out Queen's Blade on Wikipedia.

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