Thursday, March 5, 2015

This World of Bones

Sugar Skull Portrait
by Jackson Thom
What happens to us in the end?  There are those who believe we can live forever.  There are those that believe we can be reincarnated.  There have been pharaohs, who believed they could take it all with them.  But they were all wrong.

This has all happened before, and it'll all happen again.  Rise and fall, rise and fall, like the phoenix from the ashes, we all rose from nothing, but dust.  The same is true for me.

This is a world of bones under feet, covered in dirt and rock, and decorated with the prettiest flowers and green grass, to forget what they cover.  But some of us are not fooled by the bright pleasant colors.

The human race is speeding towards its destiny, but where should it all come to an end.  No one knows--oblivion.

"Follow the buzzards."  -- Bray Wyatt

And if that didn't put you in a good mood, I've been busy with some new art.  I guess it's my own revolt against Google trying to enforce the no mature content policy, and police what is and is not art, kind of thing.  This just kind of brought the best, or the worst, out of me.

You decide.  Have a look.

Bound and Judged
Bound and Judged
by Jackson Thom

This is the cleaned up version.  There's an X-Rated version, fully nude, that is, not for the kiddies on my gallery on Deviant Art.  If you'd like, please take a look and tell me what you think.  I'd love to hear some opinions.

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