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The Road To Wrestlemania Has Bumps In It

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So, here we are, a few days from Wrestlemania, on Sunday, March 29, 2015.  It's a big day, and as some people are aware, I've been trying to make predictions for the last couple of WWE Pay Per View Events, with mild success.

I consider myself to be a bit of a wrestling aficionado, so my picks are often correct.  In my last two attempt, I tried to predict the results of this year's Royal Rumble Match, and later, WWE Fastlane.  I was very confident in myself, but the results were mediocre, at best.

Fatal 4-way tag team match, between, Tyson Kidd and Cesaro, Los Matadores, The New Day and the Usos

winner: The Usos

I was shocked when The Usos lost the belts as Fastlane, but I immediately saw it as a chance for them to get it back at Wrestlemania.  They have a big rivalry going with Kidd and Cesaro, along with Jimmy Uso's wife Naomi and Kidd's wife, Natalya.

More importantly, the other two tag teams in this battle are lower cards, so they won't win.

The big thing here is, the tag-team division is weak, and needs a little more power.  I'm not sure anyone, at the moment, is more polarizing than The Usos.  They need more powerful tag teams.  Bring on The Ascension, Lucha Dragons and The Realest Guys in the Room.

Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

This is the second year Wrestlemania has featured this event, and I believe there will be 30-men in the ring for this match.  I'm not sure of all of them, but here are a couple names I'd consider favorites--Kane, Erick Rowan, Ryback and Big Show.  Big Show was eliminated second to last last year, to the winner, Cesaro.

However, I'm going with a wildcard.

Winner: Damien Mizdow

My reasoning is, I just can't see The Miz/Mizdow thing continuing without Mizdow getting some kind of success that will further strain the relationship with The Miz.  I think it's time for Mizdow to rise up, and gain a little confidence.  For him to take a shot at The Miz--maybe even eliminate The Miz.  Now, there's an angle.

Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns, WWE Championship Match

Roman Reigns, WWE
Roman Reigns, WWE
Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons License by Miguel Discart
Winner: Roman Reigns

Sorry, but I just can't see all this build up not leading to Reigns getting the belt at Wrestlemania.  Reigns is the RIGHT NOW GUY, and there's no reason why the WWE can't manufacture another controversy to strip The Samoan of the belt, and give it back to Lesnar to continue to defend from afar.

They've been pushing Reigns so hard, I just can't see him losing, at this point.  The other angle is Seth Rollins cashing in his Money in the Bank, but with his match against Orton on the same day, I just can't see it happening at Wrestlemania.

Sting vs Triple H

This one's kind of got me baffled, but so far, I really can't see the Stinger losing.  It doesn't really behoove him, Triple H or the WWE.

Winner: Sting

If Sting loses this match, he goes away, and I just can't see that happening.  I believe he wins, but I'm really not sure how this one's going down.  I guess the bat and sledgehammer will come into play, but I'm not even sure, at this point, if an actual match will take place.

The bigger picture is, what does it mean for the WWE if Sting does win.  Does the battle continue?  What of The Viper and The Stinger?  I'm eager to find out.

7-Way Ladder Match For the Intercontinental Championship (Bad News Barrett, R-Truth, Stardust, Luke Harper, Dean Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler and Daniel Bryan)

Daniel Bryan, WWE
Daniel Bryan, WWE
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I am really looking forward to this match more than any other.  If nothing else, this will be a crazy slugfest, full of all kind of insanity from Dean Ambrose, Stardust, Luke Harper, R-Truth, and the others.  It's really more about the show, here.

There's a lot of reasons to think this is a two-horse race.  It's really either Dolph Ziggler or Daniel Bryan, and I'm sure a lot of people see Dolph Ziggler as the front-runner, but I'm not one of them.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan is the leader of the Yes-Movement, and no one gets the crowd jumping like he does.  He just lost the battle to take a shot at Brock Lesnar, to Roman Reigns.  He's a former Heavyweight Champion, and one of the most exciting performers in the WWE, at the moment--not to mention, he's a wiz on the microphone.

Imagine The Beard as the IC Champion, for a moment!

I know, I just got goose bumps, too.  But, do you know what I'm thinking?  Eventually, Seth Rollins will cash in that briefcase, and I doubt he does it on the WWE Champion.  I just can't see him winning, right now.  But I can see him using his Authority goons in an assist to take the IC belt away from the worlds strongest Vegan.

Think about that for a moment.

Bella Twins vs AJ Lee and Paige, Tag Team Match

Paige, WWE
Paige, WWE
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This one's a toughy, because AJ Lee and Paige are clearly better than the Bellas, but they've been a little more unstable.  The thing is, this isn't a title match, so it's more of a message sending match than anything else.

Winner: AJ Lee and Paige

I'm thinking this turns into a fairly decent scrum between the ladies, and all hell breaks loose.  So, my money is on the ladies who already seem to have some screws loose.

I'm also thinking this is just another lead in for Paige to get another crack at the Divas Championship at another Pay Per View Event.  She's just too good, not to have the belt.

The Undertaker vs Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt, WWE
Bray Wyatt, WWE
Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons License by Anton
I would be surprised if this didn't turn out to be a coffin match.  It just seems fitting.

I'm also sort of struggling to decide who I think will win.  Wyatt has been all over Raw and Smackdown, talking about ending The Undertaker, and how The Undertaker is weak, after last years loss to Brock Lesnar.  That says to me, Wyatt is the clear favorite.

However, the fact that Wyatt is the favorite should give the picture that more will go down than that.  And this is clearly no ordinary match.  So, who will win, who will win, indeed???

Winner: Bray Wyatt

I can't help but go with my gut here, and Wyatt just seems like the likely choice now, since this is more of a torch passing battle.  However, I actually wouldn't be surprised if this were less of a match, and more of a ceremony, where The Undertaker literally passes a torch to "The New Face of Fear."

So, go ahead and mark that down.  If Wyatt wins, I get one-point, but if he wins, and The Undertaker passes him a flaming piece of wood, I totally get some kind of bonus points.

Rusev vs John Cena

What to say, what to say???  Well, each of these goliaths have had their way with each other, at one time or another.  Rusev as the United States Champion just makes sense in the way it works, because, let's face it, he's some kind of Russian Super Athlete, and that just rubs redneck America the wrong way.  So, WWE would be stupid to change it.

Winner: Rusev

However, I do have a few other ideas about this match.  Where has Lana been?  What's going on there?  There's no chance of her not being in attendance at the Show of Shows, right?  She'll show up, at some point--possibly as a distraction.

There's also been rumors of Sheamus, The Celtic Warrior's, return.  Do you know what happened to him?  He was a part of the Cenation team trying to take down The Authority, but The Authority targeted him, and injured him, so he couldn't compete.

You could say The Authority is to blame for his injuries, but the actual men who were sent to injure him were Mark Henry and Rusev--the Russian being the one to deliver the debilitating blow.

Are you seeing where I'm going?

It's likely The Great White will exact his revenge.  How and where I don't know, but a title match versus Cena would be a good spot.  He'd take out Rusev, annihilating the Russian, Cena would lose by disqualification after brutalizing him and then Sheamus and Rusev could begin a feud towards eventually seeing Sheamus crowned the next United States Champion.

There you go.  It almost writes itself.

Randy Orton vs Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins, WWE
Seth Rollins, WWE
Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons License by Anton
Seth Rollins matches are the hardest to predict.  One thing you have to know is, J&J Security will be at ring-side causing problems for Randy Orton.  That is for certain.  But Orton hasn't had any problems, yet, handling the smallish security detail, causing Rollins to run and hide for cover.

Winner: Randy Orton

The variable here is, will Rollins have any other help at ring-side?  Big Show and Kane will be in the Battle Royal, so they probably won't be there.  Triple H goes against Sting, so he probably won't be there.  J&J won't be able to handle The Viper.  The real question is, will Rollins take any type of beating, or will Orton just take out his aggressions on the security team, and allow Rollins to get away.

I believe Orton will chase Rollins, this time, and the two will have a brawl in a back area, or  parking lot, or something crazy like that.  I'm just saying, look for something crazy.  Is that specific enough for ya?  I mean it is Randy Orton, The Apex Predator.  Who knows what the voices in his head are telling him to do.


Sheamus, WWE
Sheamus, WWE
Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons License by Simon Q
Sheamus is due to return at any time.  It's probably at Wrestlemania, and it will probably be in some capacity that leads us to believe he's turned bad-guy, and he is eyeing one of the belts.

The Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal will have one entrant from the winner of an NXT (the development territory for the WWE) tournament.  I'm thinking, high-flyer, Adrian Neville will be the guy.

Who else will be in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal.  It's a 30-man match, that so far, has only about 20-men listed.  There appear to be some openings.  At the Royal Rumble Match a couple of months ago, there were a few surprise entrants, including  Diamond Dallas Page, The Boogeyman and Bubba Ray Dudley, from TNA Impact Wrestling.  Who could surprise us this year?  Do you know who AJ Styles is?  Look him up.

After his incidents in Mexico, could Ray Mysterio be returning for the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal?  I'm thinking the answer is, YES!!!

Earlier, I suggested that Bray Wyatt would take The Undertaker's mantle.  Would this mark the end of The Undertaker?  I think not.  The idea of a match between The Phenom Undertaker and The Vigilante Sting is too good to pass up, for the WWE.

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