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Wrestlemania 31, As Epic As Expected

Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns From Wrestlemania
Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania
Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons License by Ver en vivo En Directo
Did you see Wrestlemania?  No, well you missed a dandy of an extravaganza.  It was pretty spectacular, and I have to admit, I was wowed, and astonished, but a number of the things that went down.

There superstars past and present, along with some surprises, like Women's UFC Champion, Rhonda Rousey, who took down both Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.

Anyway, previously, I did try to make some predictions on how the Show of Shows would go down.  Let's take a look at how I did in my predictions.

1. Fatal Four-Way Tag Team match

I picked the Usos to win, and regain their championship belts.


This was a fatal four-way tag team match, that also included Los Matadores, and New Day.  It was a pretty epic tag team match, and I don't really like the tag teams that much, either.  But this one had it all.  Including some action by the Divas, Natalya and Naomi, as well as some interference from Kofi Kingston and Los Matadores' bull.  In the end, though, Cesaro and Tyson Kidd retained the belts.

2. The Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

I went off the reservation, and picked Mizdow.


I kind of feel like I should get at least a half a point of this one, because in the end, it was a battle between Mizdow and Big Show and Mizdow put up a hell of a fight with the giant.  But in the end, it was the Big Show that proved triumphant.

I feel pretty good, though, because picking Mizdow wasn't much of a sure thing, and I nearly got it on the nose.  Way to go Mizdow.  Maybe now, he'll get a little respect from The Miz (NOT).

3. Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns For the WWE Championship

I picked the badass Samoan


As luck would have it, Mr. Money in the Bank Seth Rollins saw his opportunity, and he cashed in.  Seth Rollins became the new WWE Heavyweight Champion, as both Lesnar and Reigns writhed on the mat.

In hindsight, I feel disappointed, I didn't at least have an inkling of this one, because it seems so obvious, now.  Good on you WWE, and I look forward to all the anger directed towards the new champ.

4. Sting vs Triple H

I picked Sting


It brought out D-Generation X and NWO to the rescue, and Stinger had his chances, but Triple H won out.  I guess it was inevitable.  But in the end, The Game, and The Stinger, shook hands in mutual respect, so maybe that's not the last we'll see of Sting.  Let's hope not.

5. 7-Way Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match

I Picked Daniel Bryan


After watching Dean Ambrose put on a hell of a show, taking everyone out from the top of a ladder, the Yes-Man had it out with Dolph Ziggler at the top of the ladder in a head-butt fight (OUCH).  The leader of the Yes-Movement, finally won out.  Way to go Daniel Bryan.

Paige, WWE
Paige, WWE
Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons License by Miguel Discart
6. Bella Twins vs AJ Lee and Paige

I picked AJ Lee and Paige

Correct, again!

It was a short match, with AJ on the ground outside for most of it, while the Bellas had their way with Paige, but eventually the tricky Diva got in, and she made Nikki pay with her submission  move, The Black Widow.

7. The Undertaker vs Bray Wyatt

I picked Bray Wyatt


Wyatt looked shaky from the start.  It looked like it could go either way at different points, but the Deadman won out with a second tombstone piledriver.

So, the question now is, what happens to Bray Wyatt?  He needs some kind of redemption after all this.

8. Rusev vs John Cena For the United States Championship

I picked Rusev to retain


Cena won out, with a little help from Lana trying to interfere on Rusev's behalf.  She got in the way, and the Cenation leader was able to pin the Russian, and take the United States Championship away.

Still, I'm going to wager he doesn't hold it for long.

9. Randy Orton vs Seth Rollins

I picked Orton


Randy Orton at Wrestlemania
Randy Orton at Wrestlemania
Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons License by Ed Webster
The Apex Predator had RKOs for everyone, leaving J&J security passed out at ringside, so that he could deliver the final RKO to Mr. Money in the Bank for the win.  I guess Mr. Money in the Bank did eventually get the last laugh, and he can't be called Mr. Money in the Bank anymore, but anyway, The Viper won this one.

10. On another note, I picked that Sheamus would return, and possibly being involved in the Rusev /Cena match.  That didn't happen.  I guess we'll have to wait a little longer for the Celtic Warrior's return.

11. There was a member of NXT in the Battle Royal.  I had predicted it to be Adrian Nevelle, but it turned out to be Hideo Itami, instead.  Oh well.  He's good too.  Itami had a hell of a kicking session with Tyson Kidd.  Who knows what will happen to him, but it was pretty cool for a little while.

12. Speaking of the Battle Royal, would there be any surprises on the entrants list?  Well, sort of.  Bo Dallas, who's actually the real life brother of Bray Wyatt made an appearance, before ridiculously eliminating himself while doing a celebration around the ring.  The other noteworthy was Alex Riley, who's another name from NXT.  He could be another guy on his way up.

13. I was thinking Rey Mysterio might make an appearance.  That was not the case.

14. Is this the final battle for The Undertaker?  He looked as good as ever, and it looks like he'll have more battles.

Well, three right, and six wrong.  That's not a real good ratio, but I've done worse.  Anyway, next up is Extreme Rules on April 26.  See ya, then!

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