Thursday, January 29, 2015

Plan For the Sekirei

Musubi on Minato
Musubi On Minato
Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons License by S4ku
If you like bubbly busty ladies, in cloth shredding battles, than look no further than Sekirei.  It has it all, and it will blow your mind.

Let's say you're an 18-year-old college guy, who just flunked his entrance exams for the second time,  what would cheer you up?  That's right, a bootilicious young girl, barely dressed, landing right on your face.

The main character, and eventual harem king, is Minato, a young would-be college student, down on his luck, until Musubi literally lands on him.  Then, she bonds with him, and finds herself burning form the inside for him to help her emerge, which he does by leaning into one-another for a very deep kiss.

It's a must see.

Minato doesn't stop there.  He goes on episode after episode, acquiring more of these Sekirei's in the same manor, and it is epic.

The actual point of the show, is something called the Sekirei plan, which is dominated over by a diabolical overlord, who's name I can't remember, professor something or other.  It doesn't really matter.  He's easily identifiable, and definitely evil.

This professor is pitting the Sekirei's against each other in battle, and the one that remains will get to live happily ever after with her Ashikabi.  That's what they call the person who allows them to emerge--hint, hint!!!

Anyway, each of these Sekirei's has a different skill, some with water, fire, knives, fists, etc, each trying to gain advantages in different ways.

There are two seasons of the show that I know of.  The first is pretty good, and sets the tone nicely for the show, but things REALLY start to heat up in the second season, with a couple of HOT additions.

I'm telling you, this show is full of animalistic ecchi action, at its finest.  The main character Minato, plays the role of the chivalrous hero, who would never take advantage of his position, but he could.  And there are plenty of opportunities for him to do so.

To learn a little bit more about Sekirei, or it's adaptation from the manga, check out Sekirei on Wikipedia.

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