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Freezing, and the Best Touch of All

Satellizer el Bridget Chained Up
Satellizer el Bridget Chained Up
Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons License by Johnathan Smith
 Tell me, do you like the boobies?  If your answer is anything other than, yes, than feel free to move on.

The first I heard of the anime, Freezing, was when I saw an image of one of its main protagonists, Satellizer el Bridget, down on her hands and knees, with her dress flipped up over her back, and her panties pulled down.  I had to know more.

Later, I discovered, this was one of many scenes peppered throughout this battle vixen style harem anime, that depicted curvy girls, in various stages of undress.

The anime Freezing, is about a world that's been under attack by some kind of otherworldly aliens, called Nova, that have an ability to freeze their enemies, as a part of their attack, so the government, created schools, such as the fictitious West Genetics, to engineer young girls, called Pandoras, and then teach them to fight using some strange elemental abilities.

Each young girl, is powerless without a young male companion, called a Limiter, to limit the freezing area of the enemy.  This companionship can be quite intimate in certain cases.

Satellizer el Bridget Coupling
Satellizer el Bridget Coupling
Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons License by Johnathan Smith
The school's best student, Satellizer el Bridget, won't bond with any Limiter, giving her the nickname, the Untouchable Queen, because of some fear of contact.  That is until she meets a boy, named Kazuya, who happens to be the younger brother of a girl who had last repelled a Nova attack, and lost her life.

The actual plot of the story is unnecessary, to watch the story.  It's basically, a school that pits the girls in clothes shredding, humiliation style battles, where they and their male companions, come under fire, and reveal their true feelings for one another, typically revolving around a great deal of physical contact.

The two main types of male characters in harem style anime, are either 1.) the perv or 2.) the honorable, but bumbling young boy.  Kazuya is the boy in this one, and his personality takes on number two.  He frequently ties his hardest to help Bridget, or demand that others show her respect, but his bumbling cavalier efforts, usually lead to Bridget becoming undressed, or him being stuffed between her huge breasts.

This is not a bad thing, in fact it's a part of what makes the show so awesome.  The scene that initially got me interested in this show, was one of those.  Bridget is in a fight with an upper classman, who should easily defeat here, so Kasuya steps in in her defense.  Bridge attempts to get away in the distraction, only to see Kazuya get trapped in her opponents freezing zone, so she goes back for him, giving her opponent the upper hand, and gets herself frozen.

This leads to a series of humiliating gestures, where down in her hands and knees, her dress is flipped up, and her panties are pulled down.  It's a hell of a scene.  And a hell of a show.

Each episode sees Bridget and Kazuya take on more and more difficult foes, all the while their relationship is becoming ever more deepened.  It's the way this kind of show should work, in my opinion.  I enjoy the vulnerable, uncomfortable ecchi/harem style animes.

If you were to ask me about the down side of this show, it would have to be, that the plot does actually come into effect.  As the show develops, the Nova wind up invading, and the real plot of the show interferes, with all of the excellent ecchi action, adding a bit too serious a tone.

But even with that, the show is amazing, and if you are into ecchi/harem style anime, you will not be disappointed.

I've only seen the first season of this, but there is a second season that I still haven't taken the time to watch, called Freezing: Vibrations.  The only thing is, I still can't find it dubbed in English, yet, only with subtitles, and that is not the way I like to watch this type of show.

If you want to know more about it, or its adaptation from the manga, check out Freezing on Wikipedia.

Next week, I'll review Sekirei.

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